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Tooling, Mold, and Die Metrology Equipment

Metrology systems and solutions can provide tremendous value for your company in the tooling, mold, and die manufacturing industry. As you work to produce high-quality tools, molds, and dies, implementing the right metrology processes and equipment can optimize your quality, efficiency, and capabilities.


Overview of Metrology

Metrology is the science of measurement. It involves using precise measurement tools and techniques to analyze dimensional, geometric, and other physical characteristics of objects, parts, and products.

In manufacturing, metrology is a critical part of your quality assurance and process control. By taking precise measurements, metrology provides valuable data that you can use to monitor variability and correct deviations from product specifications. This helps ensure that your end products meet required tolerances and stringent quality standards.

Metrology equipment includes instruments like coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), optical comparators, vision systems, laser trackers and scanners, and more. Your metrology labs may also utilize specialized software for analyzing measurement data.


Key Benefits of Metrology

Implementing metrology solutions provides many advantages for your company’s tooling, mold, and die production:

Improved quality control

Metrology gives you the measurement data needed to actively monitor your production quality. This allows you to catch errors early, before defective molds, dies, or tools are put into use. By inspecting parts during all stages of the production process, metrology helps your tooling company deliver exceptionally consistent, high-quality products to your own customers.

Better process control

The insights gained from metrology data allow you to spot inconsistencies and tweak processes before small issues turn into large problems. This prevents waste and inefficiency. Metrology enables a data-driven approach to incrementally improving your fabrication and machining processes.

Faster throughput

Metrology helps your tooling facilities streamline production workflows. Taking an optimized approach to quality control inspections, rather than inspecting every part, can speed up your processes without sacrificing quality. This increased efficiency enables higher manufacturing throughput for your company.

Design and engineering support

Metrology provides critical data that your tooling engineers can use to refine designs, improve simulation models, and optimize tool performance. By linking measurements to CAD models, metrology enhances your capabilities in design analysis, prototyping, and troubleshooting.

Documentation for traceability

Metrology provides documentation that demonstrates your company’s commitment to quality. Detailed measurement data for individual molds, dies, and tools provides traceability over their full lifecycle. This supports your defect analysis, failure investigations, preventative maintenance, and more.

Reverse engineering abilities

Metrology measurement data allows you to reverse engineer existing tools, molds, and dies. This facilitates replacement part fabrication, revisions of legacy hardware, and other applications for your business. It also aids in creating 3D models from your physical parts.

Streamlined product development

The insights gained from metrology allow for more efficient design analysis, prototyping, and new product introduction processes. This accelerates the development of innovative new tooling solutions for your company.


Metrology Applications for Tooling, Mold, and Die Production

Metrology has widespread applications throughout your tooling, mold, and die production workflow. Here are some examples:

  • Incoming inspection of raw cast iron blocks, aluminum plates, steel bars and other stock materials to verify quality before CNC machining into cores, cavities and other finished components. This prevents wasted time and cost from fabricating with faulty materials.
  • Laying out precise datum reference points on stock blanks to orient CMM probes, establish part zero positions for CNC mills and wire EDMs, and aid in workholding setups. Accurate datums are essential for machining accuracy.
  • Thoroughly measuring and analyzing dimensions, geometries, draft angles, radii, hole positions, surface finishes and other attributes on initial mold and die samples such as the first off tools. This confirms that your machining processes are executing correctly before committing to full production runs and prevents potential scrap losses.
  • Periodically measuring sections, inserts, cavities and other components at different stages during the machining process. This allows your team to identify and correct any emerging deviations from specifications early on before final heat treatment and assembly.
  • Final verification checks before shipment or mold trials that finished tools meet all your customer’s drawing requirements for dimensions, geometries, tolerances, surface finish specs, and other critical attributes. Complete inspection provides quality assurance and protects your reputation.
  • Analyzing dimensions and surface finishes on molded sample parts during mold tryouts and initial debugging. Comparing datasets confirms tools are producing compliant components before ramping up to full rate production.
  • Tracking tool wear, distortion trends, and dimensional changes during high volume production runs. Metrology reveals optimal windows for maintenance, when to schedule replacements, and maximizes your tooling productivity over full lifecycles.
  • Matching the performance of multiple versions of duplicated molds and dies by comparing metrology datasets. This allows balancing workloads across parallel production lines or cells to optimize overall throughput.
  • Concrete validation through measurement that revisions, texture modifications, material upgrades and other engineering changes achieve their intended purposes and deliver real performance improvements.
  • Identifying root causes when fabrication processes experience issues by comparing metrology data captured before and after breakdown events. The insights aid your investigation and corrective actions.
  • Monitoring decreasing measurement accuracy and new anomalies appearing over a tool’s usage lifetime. This data predicts optimal timing for preventative maintenance before failures cause unplanned downtime.
  • Detailed forensic wear pattern analysis when tools unexpectedly fail or break. Metrology mapping provides insights into damage modes, service loads, and other factors that caused premature tooling failures.
  • Reverse engineering obsolete and worn out legacy tooling by using laser scanner metrology systems to rapidly capture high resolution 3D point clouds of existing parts. This enables replacement fabrication.
  • Data-driven design optimization relies on objective metrology insights. Measurements reveal where improving drafts, tightening tolerances, removing unnecessary stock and other changes can enhance performance, durability and manufacturing efficiency.


Recommended Metrology Solutions

To maximize quality and efficiency gains, you should implement a selection of metrology systems matched to your specific production challenges and applications.


Here at Great Lakes Metrology, we stock a wide range of precision metrology equipment ideal for your tooling industry needs, including:


CMMs with touch probes and laser scanners conduct fast, highly repeatable measurements of your finished tools, molds, and dies. They also aid in aligning parts, mapping wear, conducting failure analysis, and creating digital CAD models via reverse engineering. Different CMM platforms offer various size capacities and measurement methods to meet your needs.

Vision systems

These optical systems use cameras, processing software, edge detection, and other techniques to perform non-contact inspection. They excel at measuring complex contours, angles, radii, and hard-to-reach features on your finished molds, dies, and tooling.

Form testers

Specialized instruments precisely measure surface form error, cylindricity, conicity, straightness, and other shape attributes on your finished tools, mold cores, cavities, inserts, and other complex parts.

Laser trackers

Laser trackers measure your tooling part positions during operation to monitor distortion trends over time. Laser line scanners also map tool surfaces to characterize wear patterns.

Optical comparators

These time-tested inspection tools project magnified images that your technicians can quickly analyze to verify dimensions and geometries. They provide efficient pass/fail inspection and initial troubleshooting.

Roundness/cylindricity analyzers

These instruments conduct specialized analysis of cylinders, bores, bosses, holes, and other critical features to ensure molded components meet your concentricity and cylindricity requirements.

Surface finish testers

Measure surface roughness specs on your cavity interiors and other critical molding surfaces. This predicts and validates performance for your customers’ part appearance needs and mold release requirements.

Our experienced application engineers work alongside your team to optimize your measurement processes and select the best equipment for your needs. We also provide installation support, user training, NIST-traceable calibration, and ongoing service for the metrology solutions your company invests in.

Investing in the right metrology solutions will provide tremendous quality, efficiency, and performance benefits as your company strives to excel in the competitive tooling, mold, and die production industry. Contact the metrology experts at Great Lakes Metrology today to discuss how we can help advance your manufacturing operations.


Metrology is Essential for Tooling, Mold, and Die Manufacturers

Implementing a robust metrology program delivers significant advantages for your tooling, mold, and die production operations. The measurement data and insights provided by precision metrology systems allow your company to:


  • Optimize processes to reduce waste, speed up production, and boost quality
  • Perform proper quality control to meet your customer requirements and specifications
  • Support engineering tasks like design analysis, simulation model refinement, and new product introduction
  • Conduct root cause analysis and corrective action when production problems occur
  • Maximize productivity over the full lifecycle of your molds, dies, and production tooling

With the right metrology solutions in place, you gain the objective data needed to actively refine and improve all aspects of your fabrication workflows. Metrology provides the feedback loop for enabling quality, efficiency gains, and driving innovations in your tool performance. For these reasons, metrology is an indispensable enabler for successful tooling, mold, and die production in today’s highly competitive manufacturing marketplace.

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FAQs About Metrology for Tooling, Mold, and Die Manufacturing

Q: How can metrology aid in optimizing my machining and EDM processes?

A: By measuring machined parts at different production stages, metrology provides data about process variability. This allows dialing in optimal feeds, speeds, stepovers, and other parameters to minimize your tool wear, prevent tool breakage, and maximize material removal rates. Metrology verifies that your CNC programs accurately execute the CAD model.

Q: What metrology solutions can help me speed up my inspection workflows?

A: Multi-sensor CMMs with touch probes, laser scanners, and vision capabilities can conduct fully automated inspection routines faster than manual techniques. This avoids bottlenecks at your incoming materials, first article, and final inspection stages.

Q: How does metrology data help my engineering team refine part designs?

A: Metrology reveals potential design improvements by showing where extra stock allowance was unnecessary or where tolerance ranges could be tightened to prevent your wasted time and materials. This metric-driven data aids optimization.

Q: Can metrology support my preventative maintenance and tool life management efforts?

A: Yes. Metrology provides concrete data about your tool wear patterns, revealing when superficial damage begins accumulating into a critical failure risk. This predicts optimal windows for your maintenance and tool replacements.

Q: What metrology solutions support reverse engineering my legacy and obsolete tooling inventory?

A: Laser scanner-equipped metrology systems can rapidly capture millions of data points to map your existing tooling in high resolution. This creates complete 3D point clouds to enable replacement fabrication.

Q: How can metrology help me prove out revisions and upgrades to my tooling designs?

A: When changes are made, metrology provides the hard evidence that revisions like polishing out textures or upgrading to a new material actually achieve their intended purpose and deliver measurable improvements for your company.

Tooling, mold and die

L100 CMM Laser Scanner

The L100 is ideal for non-contact inspection of components where productivity is key, without having to compromise on accuracy. It offers exceptional precision and delivers high levels of detail.

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XC65Dx CMM Laser Scanner

The triple-laser XC65Dx cross scanner captures 3D features and surfaces in a single pass, greatly increasing scanning productivity.

Thanks to its patented, triple-laser configuration, the XC65Dx cross scanner captures comprehensive information about complex 3D geometric features and freeform surfaces in a single scan.

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The Mitutoyo CARBapex/CARBstrato Series 355-Car Body Measuring System CNC CMM are a cost-effective horizontal type, large CNC CMMs, and offer the world’s largest class measurement range with capacity up to 8 meters (26 feet) that makes it possible to measure car bodies. These CMMs are capable of interchanging contact and non-contact probes, millions of measurement points can be collected in a short time.

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CRYSTA-Apex V500/700/900

The highly versatile CRYSTA-Apex V series CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines offer multi-sensor flexibility with vision, laser, surface finish and scanning probe technologies for fast and accurate measurements.

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CRYSTA-Apex EX 1200R

The CRYSTA-Apex EX 1200R series is an advanced CNC CMM equipped with the REVO 5-axis scanning probe head. The 5-axis operation allows for faster probe movements and measurements.

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FALCIO-Apex 2000G/3000G/4000G/4500G

The FALCIO-Apex series is a large gantry CNC CMM designed to measure large, heavy pieces with high-accuracy and high-drive speed.

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The MACH 3A CNC CMM is designed for 24-hour operation. This CMM achieves high throughput by increasing drive speed, acceleration and measuring speed, making it one of the fastest horizontal CNC CMMs on the market.

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The Mitutoyo MACH Ko-Ga-Me is a compact, in-line/near-line automated 3D CNC CMM configurable for almost any process. Use this measuring system for stand-alone applications or integrate into cells.

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Legex 500/700/900/1200

The Mitutoyo LEGEX Series ultra-high accuracy fixed-bridge CNC CMM is the ultimate in the world’s high-accuracy measurement technology. LEGEX series CMMs are suitable for complex small-to medium-sized workpieces that require dimensional accuracies with small tolerances like gears, bearings, lenses and precision dies.

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The MACH-V is the world’s fastest vertical axis near-line/in-line CNC CMM making it an optimal, flexible measuring system that replaces dedicated gauge measurement in a production line without sacrificing accuracy.

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SJ-310 – Portable Surface Roughness Tester

The Surftest SJ-310 surface roughness measuring instrument is a compact, portable and easy-to-use surface roughness measurement instrument equipped with extensive measurement and analysis features.

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SJ-210 – Portable Surface Roughness Tester

The Surftest SJ-210 surface roughness measuring instrument offers surface roughness measurement in both X and Y-axes.

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MiSTAR 555


Versatility. Simple Operation. Reduced Footprint Compact Design. Best-in-class Drive Speed & Acceleration. Widest Temperature Accuracy Guarantee for a Shop Floor CMM. Exceptional Contamination Resistance. With the new MiSTAR Series 555 CNC CMM, shop floor precision measurement will never be the same.

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SJ-410 – Portable Surface Roughness Tester

The Surftest SJ-410 surface roughness measuring instrument offers numerous innovative features to provide smoother operation and more accurate measurements in an easy-to-use, portable unit with a high straightness specification of 0.3 – 0.5μm over a traverse length of 25 – 50mm.

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SV-3000 CNC – Extreme Type

The Surftest Extreme SV-3000CNC surface roughness measuring instrument increases productivity, efficiency and throughput of multiple profile and measurement tasks. Inclined plane measurements are possible through 2-axis simultaneous control in the X- and Y-axis directions.

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Contracer CV-2100 – Contour

The Contracer CV-2100 contour measuring instrument provides remarkable operability and functionality revolutionizing contour measuring machines for faster, easier and more accurate measurements. This measuring instrument’s Z-axis detector measuring range of 50mm accommodates larger workpieces.

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Rapid measuring unit speeds help make the FTA-S3000 one of the fastest surface roughness testers, available in many different model sizes and three different surface roughness detector holders.

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SV 2100 – Dedicated Processor – Column Type

The Surftest SV-2100 surface roughness tester offers easy-to-use benchtop operation with highly precise measurement results.

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New features and software make the FTA-C3000 one of the fastest contour measurement machines in its class with the ability to easily upgrade the machine and make surface roughness measurements as well.

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A dual-sided stylus and many new features and software makes the FTA-C4000 one of the fastest, most efficient and easy-to-use Contracers on the market.

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RA-2200 CNC – Extreme Type

The Roundtest Extreme RA-2200 CNC Roundness, Cylindricity and Surface Roughness Measuring System offers automated measurement with independent and simultaneous multi-axis CNC control.

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RA-H5200 – Roundness / Cylindricity Capable

The Roundtest RA-H5200 roundness/cylindricity measuring system combines world-class accuracy with superior maneuverability and analytical capabilities for large-size and heavy workpieces.

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Roundtracer Flash

The Mitutoyo Roundtracer Flash optical measuring unit is capable of measuring parts up to 300mm in length without any vertical movement of the sensors or the part itself.

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FTA-D4000 – Dual Detector – Dual-sided Contour Stylus Type

Hybrid dual detector, dual-sided contour stylus type and surface roughness measuring system with better measurement speed and efficiency, automation for easier operability, a wide variety of features, and expandability with optional detectors.

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FTA-D3000 – Dual Detector – One Sided Contour Stylus Type

A versatile hybrid dual detector system with a single-sided stylus that makes contour and surface roughness measurements quickly and efficiently. The detector heads are easily swapped to change measurement types.

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CS-3300 – Singular Detector Type

The Formtracer CS-3300 Series are highly functional and user-friendly surface roughness and contour measuring systems with innovative design features.

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Roundtracer Extreme

The RTX Roundtracer Extreme all-in-one measuring system that integrates roundness, contour and surface roughness measurement functions on a single platform to save time and improve productivity. This advanced CNC machine utilizes speed, accuracy and operability at the highest level to measure a wide variety of workpieces with various geometries, such as camshafts and bearings.

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Quick Vision ACCEL

The Mitutoyo Quick Vision ACCEL CNC Vision Measuring System was designed with a primary focus on measurement speed and efficiency. The machine drives the X- and Y- axes at 400 mm/s.

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Quick Vision Active

The Mitutoyo Quick Vision Active measuring system produces highly accurate, fast non-contact 3D measurements in a compact machine at an affordable price point.

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Quick Vision Ultra

The Mitutoyo Quick Vision Ultra CNC Vision Measuring System is designed and constructed to provide some of the most accurate measurements from a vision measuring system.

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Quick Scope – Digital Microscopes

The Quick Scope series digital microscope with new optical technology provides industry leading vision measurement accuracy with easy-to-use, intuitive software for any operator. The Quick Scope is a manual system with high-speed, high-accuracy optical auto-focus for 3D measurements.

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PH-A14 with M2 2D

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Formtracer Extreme CS-5000CNC / CS-H5000CNC

The Formtracer Extreme CS-5000CNC/ CS-H5000CNC measuring instrument simultaneously measures surface roughness and contour in a single measurement trace at high speeds and high-accuracy.

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Native CAD Import

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CMM-Manager by QxSoft is a task-oriented, highly intuitive, 3D CAD based, software package for any CMM. Software is available for both new and existing CMM hardware. We offer software for vision, manual, portable, and CNC coordinate measuring machines. Avoid costly hardware retrofits, our software connects directly to your existing CMM or Metrology equipment by plug-n-play retrofit.

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Offline Seat

  • Create Programs without interrupting CMM.
  • 50% Discount from comparable Online Seat.
  • Review Report and Feature Data from previously run Programs.
  • Import Help Desk File to replicate Online Environment.
  • Teach DCC or Manual Features by CAD Pick or Key-In Values.
  • Automatic / Collision Free, Clearance Plane or Local Path Planning.
  • Create and Share Programs to DCC, Manual or Portable Equipment.
  • Add USB Dongle or Network License for multi-workstation access.

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PolyWorks Reviewer

The free 3D dimensional investigation solution that brings 3D measurement results in the hands of your engineering and manufacturing teams

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PolyWorks AR

The mixed reality solution that enhances your perception of 3D metrology

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PolyWorks Talisman

The smart remote control for PolyWorks|Inspector™ that boosts measurement efficiency on the shop floor

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PolyWorks Inspector

The 3D dimensional analysis and quality control solution to gain control of your product engineering and manufacturing process

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PolyWorks ReportLoop

The digital interoperability solution that integrates inspection data in Excel for reporting and advanced analysis

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SNAP 350

The SNAP™ 350 is a floor-based unit equipped with a Large FOV Telecentric lens and a motorized stage with a large 450 x 450 mm measuring area. Dual-Mag optics increase capability by providing a much larger magnification range, even within a program.
Measure-X™ metrology software supports simple “walk up and measure” use, comparison to an electronic overlay, creation and running of automatic programs, including complex measurements and GD&T. AutoID limits operator requirements.

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SprintMVP 1550-1552

SprintMVP™ 1500-1552 floor model measurement systems offer fully automatic, non-contact video measurement for very large parts or groups of parts. An impressive list of standard features, including solid granite bases, make these systems a great value and are ideal for accurate, repeatable measurements.

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Fusion 400

Fusion® 400 systems from OGP® are 3D capable, high accuracy large field-of-view (LFOV) multisensor floor model systems with a measuring range of 400 x 300 x 250 mm.

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ShapeGrabber Ai820

Shapegrabber Ai820 is a floor model 3D scanner designed to serve a wide variety of parts in minutes with a high density of data points.

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ShapeGrabber Ai620

ShapeGrabber Ai620 3D scanner is a precision, metrology-class 3D scanner. Ai620 measures the complete surface of complex shaped plastic, metal, and 3D printed parts in minutes with a high density of data points.

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Offline Programming for Vision

Take offline programming to the next level with CMM-Manager Optical for both Manual and DCC Vision Measurement Systems. Leverage the power of 3D CAD and eliminate interruptions on your production Vision Systems.

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ShapeGrabber Ai320

ShapeGrabber Ai320 is an automatic, compact 3D scanner designed to serve a wide variety of parts in minutes with a high density of data points.

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SmartScope SP 463

SmartScope® SP systems are designed for optimum scanning probe performance. Starting with a rigid base structure, the system mechanics are designed to optimize dynamic data acquisition critical to scanning probe performance. Most performance specifications for SP models are according to ISO 10360 standards.

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SmartScope SP 663

SmartScope® SP systems are designed for optimum scanning probe performance. Starting with a rigid base structure, the system mechanics are designed to optimize dynamic data acquisition critical to scanning probe performance. Most performance specifications for SP models are according to ISO 10360 standards.

SmartScope SP 663 is a moving bridge system designed for larger, heavier parts. During measurement the part remains stationary while the optics and sensors are moved around it.

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SmartScope SP 332

SmartScope® SP systems are designed for optimum scanning probe performance. Starting with a rigid base structure, the system mechanics are designed to optimize dynamic data acquisition critical to scanning probe performance. Most performance specifications for SP models are according to ISO 10360 standards.

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Surftest SJ-500 / 500P

The SJ-500 surface roughness tester offers benchtop or portable operation with highly precise measurement results.

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STRATO Apex 500/700/900/1600

The Mitutoyo state-of-the-art STRATO Apex Series of CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines delivers high-accuracy measurements with smooth, high-speed operation for top scanning performance.

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SmartScope Quest 800

SmartScope® Quest™ 800 is an extremely accurate floor model coordinate measurement system incorporating scanning probe, touch probe, micro-probes, and the patented TeleStar® Plus TTL laser for versatility and accuracy.

The Quest 800, with its extensive 790 x 815 x 300 mm XYZ measurement volume (and available 400 mm Z-travel), is designed to measure very large parts. A solid granite bridge platform rests on a sturdy steel support structure and the bridge design limits measured part motion to the Y axis, offering measurement stability.

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CRYSTA-Apex V1200/1600/2000

The CRYSTA-Apex V1200/1600/2000 series are large sized (starting at 1.2M/47.24″), high-performance, high-accuracy CNC CMMs priced competitively while meeting and exceeding global standards. Vibration is minimized during high-speed, high-acceleration movement.

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SmartScope Quest 650

SmartScope® Quest™ 650 is the largest high-accuracy system. Its massive granite base and thermally stable Meehanite® bridge support high-performance linear motor drives.

SmartScope Quest 650 provides high throughput and high accuracy simultaneously. This system comes standard with TeleStar® telecentric 10:1 zoom optics for the highest level of optical performance. SmartScope Quest 650 provides high accuracy movement of large parts.

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SmartScope Quest 450

SmartScope® Quest™ 450 is an extremely accurate floor stand coordinate 3D multisensor measurement system. Both the 450 and 450 with extended Y-travel are designed to measure larger parts, or to accommodate fixtures of multiple parts or rotary indexers. A solid granite bridge design platform rests on a sturdy steel support structure. This yields high-speed stage translation without vibration, maximizing measurement throughput. The bridge design limits measured part motion to the Y axis.

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Flash 200 | Compact Benchtop System

SmartScope® Flash™ 200 – the smallest member of the Flash family of systems – is a 3D multisensor dimensional measuring system that fits on a benchtop.

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SmartScope Quest 250

SmartScope® Quest™ 250 is an advanced-technology 3D multisensor measurement system. This benchtop system is specifically designed to measure smaller parts, or for situations where space is at a premium. Its rigid structural design provides full access to the measurement volume for fixturing flexibility.

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SmartScope ZIP 635

SmartScope ZIP® 635 is a floor model metrology system offering high speed multisensor measurement of large parts. Its high acceleration and velocity in all three measurement axes contribute to measurement productivity, while its granite base and extruded, lightweight aluminum bridge provide a rigid platform for built-in measurement stability.

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SmartScope ZIP HR 250

SmartScope ZIP® HR 250 combines a wide field objective lens, digital zoom, and 5-megapixel monochrome digital camera, providing a distortion-free image at low zoom, with high resolution at high zoom.

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Smart Scope Flash 670

SmartScope® Flash™ 670 is an extra-large capacity 3D multisensor measurement system with a large XYZ measuring range. It is a Floor model system with solid granite base and moving bridge, providing a highly rigid structure for accurate positioning and repeatability.

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Benchtop Multisensor Measurement System

SmartScope® Flash™ 302 is a unique high capacity benchtop multisensor measurement system and one of the most versatile benchtop systems OGP offers.

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SmartScope Flash 1500 | 1550 | 1552

SmartScope® Flash™ 1500 |1550 | 1552 are floor model 3D multisensor measurement machines with an extended XY measuring range where the instrument head moves in the X axis across a steel bridge while the entire bridge moves on parallel tracks in the Y axis. The large measurement range of these systems accommodates large parts, such as LCDs, plasma displays, circuit boards, and multi-component fixtures.

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SmartScope Flash 500

The SmartScope® Flash™ 500 is the perfect large capacity 3D multisensor measurement system. It offers all the great Flash features and performance in a large travel bridge-design system. Parts move on a precision DC motor-driven Y-axis stage while the optics assembly travels in the X-axis across a stable bridge cross member.

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SmartScope ZIP 450

SmartScope ZIP® 450 is a floor model metrology system offering video and multisensor measurement for large parts. It has a reputation for extreme reliability and proven metrological performance. Traditionally strong in video measurement, it is also available with contact and non-contact probes, as well as the TTL laser.

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SmartScope ZIP 300

SmartScope ZIP® 300 is a fast, accurate floor model metrology system offering a combination of hardware performance, optical capability, and ease-of-use. A rigid cast iron base ensures stability and metrological accuracy

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SmartScope Flash 635

SmartScope® Flash 635 is a high-speed 3D multisensor dimensional measuring system for large parts that provides measurement speed and stability. A granite base and extruded, lightweight aluminum bridge provide a rigid orthogonal structure for measurement stability. While the instrument head moves in the X, Y, and Z axes, the part being measured remains stationary.

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