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cmm-manager (qxcmm)

CMM-Manager was first released at the Chicago Quality Show in 2001. Originally developed and marketed by Integrated Quality Inc. Later, purchased by Metris Inc. in 2008, then by Nikon Corporation in 2009, and ultimately owned by QxSoft LLC since October 2020. CMM-Manager is well known for its wide plug-n-play compatibility with over 50 devices, ease of use, automatic Probe Path Planning, and superior Help Desk Support.


CMM-Manager by QxSoft is a task-oriented, highly intuitive, 3D CAD based, software package for any CMM. Software is available for both new and existing CMM hardware. We offer software for vision, manual, portable, and CNC coordinate measuring machines. Avoid costly hardware retrofits, our software connects directly to your existing CMM or Metrology equipment by plug-n-play retrofit.

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Native CAD Import

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Offline Seat

  • Create Programs without interrupting CMM.
  • 50% Discount from comparable Online Seat.
  • Review Report and Feature Data from previously run Programs.
  • Import Help Desk File to replicate Online Environment.
  • Teach DCC or Manual Features by CAD Pick or Key-In Values.
  • Automatic / Collision Free, Clearance Plane or Local Path Planning.
  • Create and Share Programs to DCC, Manual or Portable Equipment.
  • Add USB Dongle or Network License for multi-workstation access.

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Offline Programming for Vision

Take offline programming to the next level with CMM-Manager Optical for both Manual and DCC Vision Measurement Systems. Leverage the power of 3D CAD and eliminate interruptions on your production Vision Systems.

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