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APDIS BiW Measurement Systems

The new APDIS Intelligent Quality Stations are the next-generation, fully-automated non-contact CMMs for body in white and components – designed with the automotive industry in mind.

Productivity, Flexibility, Simplicity

With the ability to measure over six times faster than traditional CMMs, be installed on the shop floor, and enhanced by ease of programming, the APDIS IQ stations provide unparalleled productivity, flexibility and simplicity for a CMM system. Precision measurements of features can be made without adapters, probes or coatings to high accuracy and repeatability, allowing quality control feedback quickly and easily where it’s needed.

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APDIS Laser Radar

The APDIS MV4x0 is the latest generation of Nikon’s Laser Radar, offering the smallest and most productive system ever produced.

Nikon’s APDIS is the latest generation of Laser Radar offering fast, automated, non-contact inspection in a wide range of industries with a host of benefits for users.


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PolyWorks Inspector

The 3D dimensional analysis and quality control solution to gain control of your product engineering and manufacturing process

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ModelMaker H120

Nikon’s ModelMaker H120 is a class-leading, handheld, 3D laser scanner capable of extremely detailed, precise, high speed measurement of almost any material or part.

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ModelMaker H120 and MCAx S System

Nikon’s premium ModelMaker H120 laser scanner and MCAx S 7-axis articulated portable CMM arm form a leading-edge 3D measurement solution, enabling users to accelerate time to market and streamline manufacturing processes.

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Freedom Arm

Go-to Measurement Where It Benefits You Most

LK Metrology launches the FREEDOM ARM range of 6 axis and 7 axis portable measuring arms – for quality control, on-machine verification, reverse engineering or 3D modelling. Available in three models, three accuracy levels and several sizes in different portable arm configurations with touch probe and laser scanner options.

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General purpose horizontal-arm CMM

LY-90 provides a technically advanced, cost-effective solution for the dimensional control of sheet metal parts, plastic trim and sub-assemblies found in automotive and aerospace applications.

The open design of the LY-90 structure gives optimum access to the work area with the advantage of simplifying part loading and unloading. Micro-machined aluminum alloy guideways combine with air bearings on the carriage for reliability, exacting precision and rapid measurements. The LY-90R, with cast iron rail guideways and precision mechanical bearings, is available in single-arm or twin-arm configurations to suit in-line applications. The LY-90T, with a side mounted cast iron table and guideway with precision mechanical bearings, is specifically designed for line-side applications and use in quality labs.



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The Mitutoyo CARBapex/CARBstrato Series 355-Car Body Measuring System CNC CMM are a cost-effective horizontal type, large CNC CMMs, and offer the world’s largest class measurement range with capacity up to 8 meters (26 feet) that makes it possible to measure car bodies. These CMMs are capable of interchanging contact and non-contact probes, millions of measurement points can be collected in a short time.

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