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When choosing a 3D laser scanner, there are many qualities and features that you need to consider before making an informed purchase. Among the most important of those qualities is accuracy. However, not many people know how accurate a 3D laser scanner can truly be. 

In this article, we’ll reveal the typical accuracy range for the average 3D scanner. After that, we’ll discuss the importance of having a 3D scanner with high accuracy, note a few other important 3D scanner characteristics, and take a quick look at some of the most accurate 3D scanners on the market today. 


Typical Accuracy Range for 3D Laser Scanners

Although the accuracy of a 3D scanner can vary significantly depending on the make and model you own, there is a typical range into which the accuracy of these tools tends to fall. Most 3D laser scanners will be accurate to a range of 0.01 millimeters to 0.1 millimeters. 

Keep in mind that that range represents what is typical for a 3D laser scanner. It is entirely possible that you’ll find 3D laser scanners that are both more and less accurate than that range. However, the most important factor to consider here is the level of accuracy that is required for the way in which you intend to use your 3D laser scanner. 


How Accurate Do You Need Your 3D Laser Scanner to Be

As you likely know, 3D laser scanners have many different uses across several different industries. As such, finding the correct 3D laser scanner accuracy range depends entirely on the manner in which you intend to use your 3D laser scanner. 

In most cases, the standard range that we mentioned in the previous section will be enough for most scanning jobs. In fact, this 0.01 to 0.01 millimeter range is often more accurate than necessary for many 3D scanning uses. 

Clearly, the degree of accuracy you need for your 3D laser scanner depends on use. However, there are some special instances in which you want to make sure that you have the most accurate 3D laser scanner possible. The next section will reveal a few specific instances in which you’ll need a highly accurate 3D laser scanner. 


3D Laser Scanner Uses that Require High Accuracy

The need for high accuracy for a 3D laser scanner will vary based on the task at hand. Generally, the smaller the object that you are scanning, the more accurate you’ll need to be. 

For example, when people use 3D laser scanners to map out large landscapes, there is little to no need for them to measure down to a fraction of an inch. By contrast, if you are engineering a small but complex tool, high accuracy will likely be the most important factor to consider in a 3D laser scanner. 

High accuracy in 3D laser scanning is often most necessary when manufacturing small items that need to be incredibly precise in order to be effective. This can occur in many industries, including automotive and aircraft production. 


Other 3D Laser Scanner Factors to Consider

Although accuracy is incredibly important when choosing a 3D laser scanner, it is far from the only factor that you’ll need to evaluate. For instance, all of the features and characteristics listed below play a role in the effectiveness of a 3D laser scanner:

  • Resolution
  • Versatility
  • Ease of use
  • Scanning rate
  • Cost

Within each of those factors, there is plenty for you to consider. However, only by weighing each of those factors can you make a well-informed decision about which 3D laser scanner is right for your purposes. 

Examples of Highly Accurate 3D Laser Scanners

If you are in the market for a new 3D laser scanner, it can be difficult to know where to begin your search. While accuracy and the other factors that we have mentioned are all important, it can also help to learn about a few examples of high-performance 3D laser scanner products. 

In the sections below, we’ll introduce a few examples of highly accurate 3D laser scanners that are currently available for purchase online. By reviewing these options, you may find the scanner that is right for you. At the very least, you’ll have a better understanding of what makes a great 3D laser scanner. 


L100 CMM Laser Scanner

This laser scanner boasts an amazing ability to be highly productive without sacrificing on accuracy and precision. The L100 CMM Laser Scanner develops digital imagery quickly and easily and works well even if you are scanning multiple materials or reflective surfaces. 


XC65Dx CMM Laser Scanner

The XC65Dx CMM Laser Scanner is the perfect laser scanner for those who need to scan objects that have a high level of complexity. This scanner incorporates three built-in lasers that allow for accurate scanning after a single pass. No matter how complex or freeform the surfaces of your object are, the XC65Dx CMM Laser Scanner will get the job done right on the first attempt. 


LC15Dx Laser Scanner

If you need to capture incredibly tiny details with your 3D scanning, then the LC15Dx Laser Scanner may be the best scanner for you. The LC15Dx Laser Scanner optimizes its laser settings in real time to ensure it produces the best scan for the job at hand. In addition, this laser scanner does not compromise on speed or precision either. 


Finding the Right 3D Laser Scanner for You

Finding the best 3D laser scanner for the work you do is much easier said than done. However, the good news is that our team at Great Lakes Metrology is here to help you throughout every step of the process. 

At Great Lakes Metrology, we provide a complete suite of the highest-quality laser scanners you can find. Our collection includes some of the best and most accurate 3D laser scanners around. If you are interested in learning more, browse our selection of products or reach out to us to begin a conversation about your 3D laser scanner needs.