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VOXLS 30 C 225

VOXLS 30 C 225

225 kV Microfocus Rotating.Target 2.0 or 225 kV Microfocus Reflection Target Auto.Filament Control available Flat Panel Detector Max Scan Volume: 620mm (Ø) × 1025mm (H) Max Sample Mass: 50kg central load System Mass: 6,950kg

updated: November 20, 2023

VOXLS 30 Series X-ray and CT Systems

Nikon’s VOXLS 30 Series systems deliver automation readiness, packaged in an efficient footprint and paired with scan energies of 225 kV, 320 kV or 450 kV, making it an ideal solution for small to midsized samples of low-to-high density.

Production automation-ready with autoloading and robotic integration capabilities available

Next level X-ray CT

The VOXLS 30 Series of X-ray and CT systems is equally at home in the R&D laboratory as it is on the production line and can utilize automated robotics and industry 4.0 integrations. The system is built for repeatability and reliability through the metrology-grade, granite-based manipulator, and rigid steel towers.

Three Source Options

Nikon’s VOXLS 30 C 225, 30 C 320 and 30 C 450 models have maximum source energies of 225 kV, 320 kV and 450 kV respectively for examining parts of various densities and sizes. By offering a selection of thoughtfully designed sources, Nikon empowers manufacturers to configure the optimal inspection system for their quality control needs. The flexible 30 Series scales to meet current and future requirements across diverse industries and sample types.

Motorized FID

In traditional X-ray CT systems, the Focus to Image Distance (FID) is either fixed or manually adjustable. However, the VOXLS 30 Series has motorized FID, allowing effortless adjustment of the distance between the X-ray source and detector with sub-millimeter precision. Reducing the FID provides dramatically greater X-ray photon flux, significantly faster scan times and increased signal-to-noise ratio for enhanced image quality.

Scan Envelope Enhancements

The VOXLS 30 Series can scan larger and more irregular-shaped parts thanks to Nikon’s wide range of scan envelope enhancement acquisition modes. These include X.Tend Helical CT, Panel Shift and Pixel Split CT, which are typically only available or compatible with larger X-ray CT systems.


VOXLS 30 C 320

VOXLS 30 C 320

320 kV Microfocus Reflection Target Penta Source Functionality available Flat Panel Detector Max Scan Volume: 610mm (Ø) × 1050mm (H) Max Sample Mass: 100kg central load System Mass: 10,350kg

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APDIS Laser Radar

The APDIS MV4x0 is the latest generation of Nikon’s Laser Radar, offering the smallest and most productive system ever produced.

Nikon’s APDIS is the latest generation of Laser Radar offering fast, automated, non-contact inspection in a wide range of industries with a host of benefits for users.


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Equator 300 EH

The Equator gauging system enables process control by delivering highly repeatable, thermally insensitive, versatile and reprogrammable gauging to the shop floor.

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Freedom Arm

Go-to Measurement Where It Benefits You Most

LK Metrology launches the FREEDOM ARM range of 6 axis and 7 axis portable measuring arms – for quality control, on-machine verification, reverse engineering or 3D modelling. Available in three models, three accuracy levels and several sizes in different portable arm configurations with touch probe and laser scanner options.

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TurnCheck Series-6

TurnCheck™ Series-6 systems are precision optical shaft measuring instruments designed for shop floor environments. Rugged and reliable, TurnCheck accommodates parts up to 300 mm in length.

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C-vision Benchtop Video Contour Projector

c-vision™ Benchtop Video Contour Projector® is an easy to use, dual-magnification benchtop video contour projector. This rugged horizontal optical comparator features a compact footprint that uses very little floor space. Its rugged design and 60 lb load capacity put advanced automatic video measurement capability to work right where it is needed. Precision optics and Measure-X™ Compare electronic overlay charts make comparative inspections easy.

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CRYSTA-Apex V500/700/900

The highly versatile CRYSTA-Apex V series CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines offer multi-sensor flexibility with vision, laser, surface finish and scanning probe technologies for fast and accurate measurements.

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SmartScope Quest 300

SmartScope® Quest™ 300 offers 3D multisensor measurement versatility and accuracy needed for the most critical, demanding parts. A compact machine with an unique “elevating bridge” design that yields large XYZ measurement volume to accommodate large parts, it combines state-of-the-art video and autofocus to deliver high productivity.

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